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Fantasy / Adventure / Action / Full Color / PG10+ / Canceled

Wake the Spirits; "save" the world!

Two Magi depart on the journey of their lifetime to save the world from a potential threat of which few are aware. With the Spirits' aid through ancient Gems, they might accomplish this. This journey opens their eyes, as they make new friends and travel to the land's ends. As you may have guessed, however, there is much more to this - especially when others desire the Gems and a darkness is surrounding Seldra. Will it turn out to be the mistake of the millennium?

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Drama / Action / B&W / Mature / Jan 2008 / Canceled

Your death is my living.

Picture this: you're in a strange, new place. Everyone, especially the guy you like, seems to think you're "odd". You're encountered by myths on a daily basis. Oh, and you're a death god now.

At the Institution for Training in the Arts of Death, people who have renounced their former lives struggle to maintain their humanity while training to become Gods of Death. The history of the Institute is interwoven with many successes but also with many complex relationships and personal hardships, so it becomes easy to lose sight of good, mercy, and the highest of loves—especially when one lives to deal with death and that beyond.

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Sora wo Sasuru (To Touch the Sky)

Fantasy / Drama : Full Color / Nov 2005 / Complete

It is in a Dragon's heart to fly. What happens when that is taken away?

A 6-page short comic about the first Dragon to ever fly in the land of Naldia, completed November 2005. This was a quickly developed and quickly-executed short comic made for my Illustration I final.

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