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Freakazoid: Aww Freak Out Freakazoid: Aww Freak Out

Video Games

Earthbound Bidoofs (MOTHER, Pokémon) Persona 4: Afuro Kuma Mario Galaxy: Let Us Begin. Okami: Amaterasu Katamari Damacy: Katamari Pharmacy Super Mario: Super Yoshi Kart

Gifts || Trades

Swiftriver: Bowie Goodbye Chains: Banky*Heart Union of Heroes: Mundane Goodbye Chains: Pointy Nintendogs Grim Reaper School: Charlie Candy No Rest For the Wicked: Puss Starcrossed True Magic: Kiku True Magic: God of Lights Lucideus Skyfall: Shinwa Faradon: Fenris Get Up and Go: Hayden, Haaaay Misc: Kally Vampirates!: Happy Hassan Exiled Dreams: Craving Kryven Shades of Grey: When I Get Pissed... BRINK: Zero Planetoid Penguins: Bop UnchaineD: Lamashtu VG Cats: Super Leo and Doopliss

Contests || Other

Overland: Wolf+Sheep Majesty: Real Life Real Heart Shades of Grey: Denial/Release Inverloch: Da'kor Design Aqua Leung: Aqua and the Eel Sokora Refugees: Delilah Inverloch: One Can Dream... ASPS: _SC_

I claim no ownership to the characters drawn here unless I happen to do a crossover picture in which one of my original characters interacts with the fan character, in which case that original character is mine.