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2000: An Age of Beginnings

2000 was an important year because of the acquiring of an actual computer and a freer internet than WebTV. Back then I didn't find nearly as much inspiring art anywhere (mostly because I never thought to look), but there were a couple of 'net artists I found quickly who inspired me. I fandom-hopped from here to 2003, from Crash Bandicoot to Yoshies to Lion King, and my art (though usually insufficient for my fandoms) reflects that. There was other junk too, though.

I actually don't think I liked this when I made it. No, couldn't draw dragons.

Most of my art from this year was digital, meaning mouse-drawn in really crappy free programs and displayed on Hometown AOL sites. Yes, I prided myself on these. There was lots and lots of this until finally I got a scanner, via which I could line by hand and THEN screw it up in bad art programs. I found this a milestone. Probably would have popped champagne.

Is not vera good AT ALL.

Sometimes I miss these years. Drawing with no regard to anatomy and proportion, huge but somewhat stylish eyes (which were not at all a cause of anime; I always drew huge eyes once I started drawing the whites), and lots and lots of sketches.

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