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2001: Drawing! For YOU! (The Gift Era)

In this "era", I drew a lot more for others. You know why? Because art back then took half an hour at most, and that's about all I did all day. Since I had just gotten a scanner, I was still "refining" my scanned lineart + computer skills. Luckily, I obtained Photoshop that year, so the horrible free program art ended; but it would be years still before I actually utilized Photoshop and its glory (and stopped using patterns/filters).

LOL CHIBI. Drawn I think because people twist chibi art into super-deformed sometimes. Buh?! 'Human-proportioned' Aster I did this hand thing a lot that year. WHOA ANIME. The hell? Well, it's a different pose. Not an effective use of white space. No one's going to take this picture. It BURNS

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