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2003: Getting the Ball Rolling (Growth Era)

Around this time, I nabbed a tutorial book. Unfortunately, it was an anime tutorial book (done by a white woman in Middle America, no less) which only served to slightly confuse and stifle me art-wise. There was some growth and progression in the way I drew, but really they didn't make huge differences. (I'd tell you what book this is so you wouldn't buy it, but safe to say, you shouldn't buy any anime how-to books.)

I don't think I was ever angsty, but Senshuu as a character used to be. Hey, it's Shedori! From a webcomic idea that was completely obliterated. This and 2004 were fancharacter obsession years. I still kinda like this actually... For the record, those were lyrics by The Pillows.

In the latter part of this year, I launched my first webcomic, Millennium. I don't recall its singular inspiration or why I wanted to have a webcomic in the first place, but it was unplanned initially.

Not without effort, but not a very original start comic-wise.

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