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2004: Party in my Pen (The Prolific Age)

I graduated high school with confidence in many things, my art included. But it still wasn't serious, and I wasn't particularly looking to improve that year; I just drew. This year, as well as the last, was the year I drew the most in general. Fresh ideas were budding, and I drew them out as quickly as they came. How I miss those days.

Most of my Millennium art looked like this. Or worse, actually.
I still like this, too. Cartoony. I should redraw these. Used to like it. Guh.

Notably, I acquired my first drawing tablet later that year, which, being a used $20 tablet from a company that no longer existed, was utter crap. It made me appreciate the following Wacom much, much more. Anyway, with the freedom of experimentation that the computer and a pressurized tablet pen offered, you'd think I'd suddenly burst with creativity, right? WRONG.
My first college semester combined with keeping up the webcomic quickly killed impulse drawing urges, and completed art sort of went on a hiatus, despite still having a bit of time and a lot of will.

Inaccurately-drawn Koushoku I think if I had done more pictures like this back then, I'd be a little better right now. Another way I could have improved. lol...

You might notice all this art considerably lacking any scene/background pictures. All my scenes went into my webcomic, and I was rather lazy and uninspired to make scene-art, anyway. It's funny, however; I look at my art from around age 10, and oftentimes I only drew scenery. How times change.

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