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2005: Yesterday (The Transitional Era)

2005's beginnings were over a year ago, yet it still feels like it was just the other day. The Prolific Age came to an abrupt stop, and art (especially decent art) was few and far between. I tried integrating my art into college projects in ways that didn't work, and ultimately not much was accomplished. Though I was improving small things gradually, it seemed nothing really changed; I didn't find what I was seeking so much in art, and it on the whole was still not so serious (though it sometimes felt so to me). I tried a few new things, like vector art, but nothing quite clicked. The few decent pieces of art from this year came out of Illustration I, like Sora wo Sasuru. But still, it was mostly crap.

Caricature project. <3 I dunno. Idle drawing. I liked this at the time, but now it just looks WEIRD. This fight scene took forever to do on the whole. x_x Er, improving drawing techniques/paneling. Millennium-related.

The spirit was still there, though, just on the verge of a revival. After utilizing critique for the first time, learning many new artistic principles, and casting off chains and habits of old, my eyes were opened! Now, if I could just find the time to apply this newfound knowledge and focus a free mind.

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