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2006: A.K.A. Right Then (The Eternal Era)

...And here is where I stand now. My art as of now (September) is ages better than it was January, and will be better still December - almost unrecognizably so. I decided to start drawing from the mind's eye (and life. Always draw from life). I let the soul dictate my pictures - to put it dramatically. I at least was now aware of what such a thing was like and how to let it affect me. I seeked out artists to inspire me and influence me to strive on.

An example of STYLISTIC INSTABILITY. AAAAHHH More involved comicing! One of my favorites, despite parts I'm picky at. An experiment in line and color.

It's an eternal struggle, though. So many facets to explore. So many mediums to conquer. Wayyy too many styles and techniques I'm interested in, and just not enough time to try them all. But I am finding different outlets for expression and making time for this stuff (while exporing so much else due to college). The whole thing's rather masochistic, artistic challenge and all, but I suppose that's why it's fun and interesting, too. (Nevermind the desirable outcome...)

So, a comparison to 2001? Do we even need one?

Improvement indeed!

Personally, I still see style resemblence, and those old pictures are still in my heart.
But dang.

Let's do a 2005 comparison while we're at it:

Improvement, yes!

I'm proud (and rather blessed) to say through all these years I've not once had a true slump, nor have I ever had the desire to "give up" art, as I've seen so many around me do (and by the way, it never works, ye true artists). I don't think I ever will. I love it too much. There're too many ideas and creatures to bring to life, and it's too fun learning and discovering things, and meeting and connecting with people, through art.

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