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Behind 2000: Pre-History

...because I can't very well say most pictures done in that time were real art. Most were sketches on lined paper lost to time or shoved in boxes from their sheer amount, mostly of my own beasts (some Pokémon-inspired) and concepts. Art was very rarely colored. (I found it a nuisance.) This is how we start out:

Geshuryss the cho ikii (see Millennium on cho ikiis) Gerrimandur and Gerrichoko

My few pieces of art-like substance were the "books" I'd make by gluing or taping their ends (all part of a series rather Tom & Jerry-inspired but much different), but this mostly stopped after I turned 8.

[Photos eventually.]

Reign of the Wrong.

I also had my game "concept", Reign of the Wrong (or Copper's Tail), which was basically a ripoff and remolding of ideas from Super Mario to Crash Bandicoot to Yoshi's Story (all the things I was into in 1998), shoved into an action-adventure-RPG-type game world (though I hadn't played many RPGs back then). There were two "players guides" I was constructing, one I did after deeming the old one utter crap (and wanting to add in new stuff). In retrospect, it was really a train wreck of ideas (I mean, come on. Yoshi and Crash Bandicoot?), but a few base original things still shine through to current stories and projects. I still do like a lot of the characters, too - especially Copper, the Dog Prince.

Characters in RotW that mattered, but not so much.

[More photos/scans later.]

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